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Welcome to Elevate, your reliable partner in navigating your journey through life's challenges and opportunities. Our mission is to empower individuals to harness modern technology tools to their advantage. As a leading consulting firm, we provide a range of services including Green card application help  (EB1A, NIW), Career coaching, US grad school application help, Assistance in doing business in China, and Life hacks (parenting resources, navigating health insurance, tax, and investing).


As a self-driven professional with a PhD in Social Policy and distinguished experience at Meta, I've navigated immigration complexities, securing NIW and EB1A approvals independently. Utilizing my skills in crafting compelling narratives and leveraging tools like ChatGPT, I've overcome immigration challenges despite limited citations. I'm eager to share my success strategies and inspire others on their immigration and life journey.

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Overcoming the stress of PERM delays, I independently prepared and successfully processed my NIW and EB1A applications, proving that determination and thorough preparation can help achieve your immigration dreams. Despite not having a traditional strong background, I exemplify how perseverance can turn challenging situations into success in the NIW/EB1A approval process.

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“Holy mother of all GPTs, this is an awesome success story! Congratulations 🎊
Echoing what everyone else said, this is LEGENDARY!”

“NIW and EB1A by yourself! You are A LEGENDThank you for providing your case here. Fantastic!”


#thanks Li T. Your post about your immigration success story is truly inspiring. It not only offers a glimmer of hope but also promotes transparency and inclusivity within the Meta immigrants community. By sharing not only the process and timelines but also providing detailed examples and the complete petition, you have empowered community members to embark on their own journeys, encouraging personal growth, learning, and taking ownership of their paths. 


“Your post on EB1A and NIW was incredible! congratulations! thank you for sharing valuable info about your journey. I've been thinking about doing this for the past few months've given me a lot of confidence in moving forward. cheers!.”


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